Running Holiday in Portugal: 12th-19th October, 2019

No matter where you come from, you are welcome to join us on our 3rd trip to the Algarve for a week long running holiday! We will have a limit of 20 places available in 2019.

In collaboration with our friends at Embrace Sports, Run With Me are organising a running holiday in Lagos. Lagos has breathtaking coastal tracks, woodland trail runs and flat beaches that span over 6 kms. The holiday is designed so that it is suitable for runners of all abilities. There is an average of two sessions per day, however all sessions are optional and there will be plenty of time to relax and enjoy the sun!


  • Accommodation (7 nights)

  • Airport transfers

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (5 nights)

  • Coach-led training sessions

  • Wine



  • Flights

  • Restaurant meals (x2)

  • Sports massage

  • Additional excursions


Date: 12th-19th October, 2019
Location: Lagos, Portugal (fly to Faro)
Price: £625 (approx. €725)

Stair running at the beach

Stair running at the beach

Warm up before beach side intervals

Warm up before beach side intervals

Holiday Details

Couresy of Embrace Sports

Couresy of Embrace Sports


This location was selected because it has a number of beautiful running routes, including trail and beach running. Each run session is between 5 km and 30 kms, and depends on your preferences. We offer a mix of sessions, including shorter runs, longer runs, pacing sessions, hill training and interval training. All sessions are optional.


No matter what your ability level is the training weeks are designed to allow all shapes and sizes, age groups and ability levels to train with each other and share the same amazing experiences.

Every athlete that attends the training holiday has his or her own story and journey to share within the sport.

We design, facilitate and support each training session so that everyone trains at the same time but gets out exactly what they are after.

Our partners Embrace Sports have been delivering training holidays for over 10 years and have mastered the art of making mixed abilities work. Whether you consider yourself a tortoise or a hare we understand any concerns you have, as you are part of the majority, we ensure you will be taken care of.




The complex in Portugal is situated right in the heart of Lagos. Only a 10min walk to the city centre with its many interesting shops, bars, cafes and typical restaurants. Beautiful sandy beaches are only a 15min walk away with a number of seaside cafes.


Athletes are accommodated in private two room modern apartments fully equipped with kitchen, fridge, bathroom, washing machine, satellite TV, large lounge and balconies areas.

Guest Rooms

Each large apartment comfortably fits 4 adults. Two athletes of the same gender share a room unless an athlete has requested a ‘single room supplement’ (£100 extra) when booking. You then have your own room, but not your own apartment. 

Main complex

One of the common comments when guests first see our accommodation in the Algarve is “wow… I never thought we would be staying in a place like this!” The complex is luxurious, spacious, private and located near all training facilities and amenities. It is a great place to refuel, relax, sunbath or socialise with other guests.

Some features include: 17m training pool, exercise / stretch room, large social areas, ice bath pool, large BBQ and outdoor dinning area, indoor & outdoor stereo sound systems, secure bike storage and service area, pool table, commercial coffee machine, ice maker and crusher, fruit juicer, smoothie blender, free wifi including 3 hotspot locations, draft beer on tap, ice cream fridge.


Dietary Requirements

Vegetarian, vegan, lacto, gluten-free, flexitarian, pescetarian and allergies… Don’t worry we have you covered! We ask for your dietary requirements pre-departure and are experienced in catering for all dietary requirements.

The aim on our training holidays is to take the day-to-day stresses and duties away from athletes so that they can relax, recover and refuel themselves for each session.

The coaches have a true passion for cooking and a great understanding of nutrition for fuelling athletes on our training holidays and for a healthy lifestyle.

It’s always competitive in the kitchen where each coach takes their turn as the head chef for the night and presents their evening meal for the guests.


Food is provided for the guests to prepare their own breakfast when they are ready. A large display of cereals, fruits, porridge, toasts, jam’s, eggs, yoghurts, tea & coffee and juices are available.

There is also a porridge board where guests can put their initials up and have hot porridge ready for them at a set time along with a number of creative toppings. This is normally a no-brainer for most people!


As with breakfast everyone gets to make their own lunch at their own timing. The coaches normally over cater with the evening meals so there are so great leftovers ready in the fridge. We also provide lunch ingredients such as: fresh bread rolls, meats, cheese, salads, eggs, fruit and lots of snack foods. Guests are also free to use the cooking facilities if they want to be creative.


Except on two occasions, when you will be taken out to local restaurants, dinners will be provided for you. Meals are freshly made each day by the coaches. All dinners include fresh salads and a mix of carbs and proteins to help fuel your training. We use good quality local produce and suppliers.

Top regional wine is included free at dinner time. Premium tap beer is available at cost price.

Additional Food and Drink

If anyone requires additional items for themselves they will need to purchase these separately. We make regular trips to the supermarket and are happy to provide transport there.


Once you have booked your training holiday you have the complete flexibility to arrange your transport to the holiday location. As people travel from all over the world you keep the flexibility of booking your preferred flights or travel options.

Upon completing the booking you will be sent a confirmation email that will ask you to complete a pre-departure questionnaire. This questionnaire will ask you to include your travel arrangements. From these details we will organise your airport transfers for you.

Arrival Times

The preferred arrival time of guests is mid morning to early afternoon on arrival day. This will allow athletes the time to settle in, grab some lunch and then head out for an easy evening session before relaxing for dinner.

However this is not always possible so we do offer additional transfers throughout the day. If you preferred flight arrives very early or very late please let us know first before booking, as a transfer may not be possible.


Faro is the main airport in the Algarve. Once you give us your travel arrangements we will arrange to be there to pick you and your luggage up. Flights from America and Canada might find they have to arrive at Lisbon International Airport. Although we don’t offer a transfer from Lisbon, there are domestic flights to Faro Airport. There are also bus and train services that run from Lisbon to our local town of Lagos. A lot of travellers from these areas choose to arrive a day early in Lisbon, stay the night and then transfer the next day to Lagos.

Train & Bus

If you plan to travel via bus or train then Lagos is the local town to head too. This is a very affordable form of transport if you are in the Algarve area. Both the train and bus stations are only a couple of kilometers from the Embrace base so we will pop down and pick you up when you arrive.

Alternative transport

Occasionally guests hire a car during their stay with us and choose to drive to our base camp. This is not a problem and there is plenty of parking available. However as the weeks are very busy you won’t find a lot of need for a hire car while you are with us. If you choose to stay on we can help to arrange a hire car to be delivered to us on the final day.

Another travel option is to arrive at Faro Airport the day / night before the holiday start date and stay the night at a nearby hotel. We will then arrange to come and collect you in the morning during an airport transfer. Two hotels that we recommend are: Hotel 3K Faro Aeroporto and Hotel Frangaria.


Each day there is free time to go off and check out the local sights, visit cafes, sunbath or just relax with some music or a book. In addition to this we organise one to two excursions during the week to go off and have some fun. It’s a great way to show you the best parts of the location we are in and a reward for the hard work being put in. In the past these excursions have included: Wine tasting, mini golf, boat trips, ten pin bowling, visiting the chocolatier and exploring under water caves.


Optional extras are subject to availability and Embrace Sport's terms and conditions. Here are some hire & purchase options for the holiday. 

Single Room Supplement

A single room may be requested upon completing your booking. This entitles someone their own private room for the week without having to share with one other from the same gender. Please note that this only entitles a person to one room in the apartment – not the entire apartment. Cost is £100 per person for the week.

Sports Massage

A 30min sports massage can be requested during the week. This is a great way to loosen off the muscles, flush the body and get you ready for the next day. This is not a deep tissue massage! Cost £30 for 30 minutes.

Large Beach Towel Hire

An extra towel is always recommended during the week. Should you wish to hire one from us then we offer large beach towels to save on bring them over with you. Cost £5 per week.

Additional Night Request

An additional night before or after the holiday start or end dates can be requested when booking. This can be the case when athletes in remote locations cannot find suitable flights on these dates. If availability permits we allow athletes to come a night earlier or leave a day later. Please note that we do not provide transfers outside of the arrival and departure days. We can of course assist with contacting a shuttle company. This is for accommodation only however if we are heading out for a meal then you are more than welcome to join us. Cost £45 per night.

Nutrition & Hydration

We stock various nutrition and hydration products onsite which you can purchase for the week. These include energy and protein bars, energy gels, ISO tablets and powders. Prices are similar or lower than what you will normally pay at a sports store or supermarket.

Drink Bottles

Depending on availability we stock a certain number of drink bottles that you can purchase.



1) Reserve your place through Run With Me.
2) We will send you further information shortly thereafter - please check your email.
3) You will be asked to complete a booking form and pay a deposit by our partners Embrace Sports.
4) You book your own travel arrangements and let us know so that we can arrange airport / station transfers for you.
5) 6 weeks prior to your departure day, we send you a balance invoice and ask you to fill in a pre-departure questionnaire.
6) One week before departure we will send you transfer information and last minute holiday logistics.
7) On arrival day we will be there to pick you up with the travel details you provided us with.