5 Best Running Races in Oslo

5 Best Running Races in Oslo

Oslo has a number of great running races throughout the year. If you are visiting Oslo and want to take part in a run while you’re here, we have a few suggestions for you.

Here are 5 of the best running races in Oslo.


“Stafetten” means relay, and possibly the biggest social running race on the Oslo calendar is Holmenkollstafetten. This is a historical event that happens in May, and involves a 12 stage(!) group relay. It was started in 1923, so has a long history. The race is popular for companies, and for social runners who run in their running clubs or with friends.

But it’s not just for social runners, it is also attended by Norway’s elites, with prize money on offer to attract them. In the classes "F1 men elite" and "F6 women elite" the cash prize is 40,000 NOK for winning, 20,000 NOK for silver and 10,000 NOK for bronze. Not bad!

Oslo Marathon / Half Marathon

The Oslo Marathon takes place between the end of September and the beginning of October. Although it’s not just the marathon, there are actually four distances; including a marathon and half-marathon, as well as a 10 km and a 3 km - something for everyone.

The race goes along the seaside of Oslo fjord and loops around the inner city. The route is a half marathon distance, so competitors in the half marathon do one lap while those doing the marathon run the same loop twice. It is a relatively flat course, with two main hills - one at 5-6 km (10-12 km) and one at 17-18 km (34-36 km).

It’s always a great atmosphere and event though the marathoners have to run the same loop twice, at least this allows for a more concentrated area which is better for spectators and crowd support.

Silva Night Run

The Silva Night Run happens later in the autumn under the cover of darkness. Usually around November, it’s a night trail race for those who are ok running with a head torch (you must wear one!) The start and finish for Silva Night Run is at the sports ground of the Norwegian Sports Academy, at Sognsvann. The course is a mix of running on path and trail terrain, and the total for the race is 9 kms. The course is lined with reflectors which light up as you hit them with the light from your headlamp. That creates a unique atmosphere and environment different from most other races in Oslo!

EcoTrail Oslo

EcoTrail Oslo is a concept race and part of EcoTrail series, with its goal to put the spotlight on environmental responsibility of sports events. Every year, races and events are organised worldwide that contribute hundred of thousands of tons of waste. The Ecotrail concept is based on recognising this, with organisers and participants asked to take more responsibility for their actions during the run. One of the measures that Ecotrail is known for is the requirement for participants to bring their own drink containers, there are no cups. There are also strict disqualification rules regarding waste along the trail.

Normally in May each year, EcoTrail Oslo is a trail race with multiple distances, from 10 kms through to 80 kms (with distances of 21, 31, and 50 kms in between). The route includes some of the highlights of Oslo, including the famous ski jump at Holmenkollbakken, and vettakollen, which provides some of the best views over Oslo. You’ll also run through numerous other forest trails close to the city, so can experience typical Norwegian nature!


Winter Run Oslo

Although there are fewer races in winter, you can join a run in Oslo in January/February if you take part in the Winter Run Oslo. This is a 10 km race which starts at the town hall and sees you doing two laps of a route around the Akershus fortress. Winter Run Oslo uses DJ’s, fire artists, and other entertainment on the course to keep you “warm” while you run. Be prepared to run in your winter gear, this is normally the coldest time of the year so gloves and hats are not normally optional. A fun experience nonetheless, and a unique opportunity to race across the Oslo winter!


There are 5 of the best running races in Oslo - a variety of road and trail, different distances, and at different times of year.

If you are visiting Oslo and want to go for a run and see the city in your own time, contact Run With Me Oslo and join a local for a run instead!