The 5 best places to run in Zurich

The 5 best places to run in Zurich

Zurich is a beautiful city situated at the north end of Lake Zurich, and is more than just a global hub for international banking and finance. The picturesque streets of the Old Town located either side of the Limmat River reflect its pre-medieval history, with beautiful waterfront promenades showcasing the alpine-fed Lake Zurich. The proximity to nature means there are plenty of great places to run, both in and around the city.

1.    Limmat River

The Limmat River commences at the outfall of Lake Zurich, in the southern part of Zurich and flows in a north westerly direction. It runs through the centre of Zurich, providing an easy geographical landmark from which to base a run. The best option is to run north, and the eastern side of the river is better than the west. There are plenty of pedestrian bridges along the way, so you can decide how far you want to run then turn around on one of these. Along this route you can see Park Platzsplitz, Kunsthalle Zürich, amongs other Zurich highlights.


2.    Lake Zurich

The most obvious place to run in Zurich is along the lake, with the eastern and western shores providing plenty of great views of the Alps. The size of the lake means running a loop is not really an option, so an “out and back” style run is your best option.

The western shore features several marinas, Arboretum park and Mythenquai, while there are also parks and marinas on the eastern side of the lake, as well as plenty of hotels and the Opera house. The eastern side of the lake provides you with the best views of the Swiss Alps, but it is more crowded and after a few miles the road is not directly at the waters edge any more.

Run With Me Zurich offers guided Lake Run if you are interested in running with a local.


3.    Dolder Trails

One of the best places for trail running close to the city is around the Dolder Grand. To get there, you can either run (4 km from central Zurich), or you can take the 3, 15 or 8 tram to Dolderbahn stop, then take the Dolderbahn up the hill to the end station.

There are plenty of options here in terms of distances, so you can easily decide how far you want to run based on the train distances (5 or 8 kms). This is a beautiful place to run in the Autumn when the leaves are changing colour, and has some views back down over Zurich city.


4.    Üetliberg

Another favourite local run for those who enjoy hill and mountain running is Üetliberg. If you want to run from Zurich to the top, it’s 6kms, but be warned, it’s a steep ascent (850 m)! Another option is to take the train to near the top (Ringlikon), then run along the ridge of the mountain towards Felsenegg. This run is all about the views, and is a great option for trail lovers.

5.    Old Town

If you want to stay central and see the sights of Zurich, then a run around the old town is another option. If you start around central station you can do a loop either running east or west, and heading south towards Lake Zurich. The turn-around point is the bridge called Quaibrücke. This is a shorter run, around 5 kms.


If you want to learn some history along the way and get some help identifying the buildings, Run With Me Zurich offer a City Run, which takes in the highlights of Zurich.

With plenty of great places to explore, these are just a few of the best places to run in Zurich.

Happy running!