The 10 Best Locations to Run in Stockholm

1. Djurgården

Djurgården (animal garden) is one the best places to run in inner city Stockholm. It varies dramatically from season to season but you will always find people exercising out there. The beautiful run along the canal that divides Djurgården and Norra Djirgården is 7 kms, or you can run the full way around Djurgården which will be 10 kms. Run With Me Stockholm offer guided tours which include running through the old town and Djurgården.

Looking for extra distance? Start centrally or add in a loop around the trails of Norra Djurgården.


2. Kungsholmen

The "King's Island" is one of my personal favourites. You get some great views of Riddarholmen and the Old Town as you run along Norrmälarstrand, and the run along the secluded cliffs of Kristineberg is also fantastic. The lap around Kungsholmen is approximately 10 km. A warning, this one is a bit tricky to navigate if you are new to Stockholm. If in doubt stay close to the water.


Looking for extra distance? Add in the riddarfjärden loop shown below in #3!

3. Riddarfjärden loop

A central and classic loop of 7 kms. In the summer this path is full of people walking, jogging and running. In the cold winter months this part of the lake can freeze over. This is one of the easier loops to navigate in central Stockholm, just stick to the water and you´ll be fine. Watch for the turn around at the bridge known as Västerbron.

Looking for extra distance? Add a loop around Gamla Stan, or a loop around Långholmen, the long island that looks like a park (you will pass by it after running across the bridge, when running anti-clockwise, or after running along Södermälarstrand, if running clockwise).


4. Hagaparken

A really beautiful park in Central (North) Stockholm and another of my favourite places to explore. Great in the summer and winter, and when it freezes you can ice skate there. Keep an eye out for Crown Princess Victoria´s place, Hagaslott. The loop around the water is 11 km, but people have been known to get a bit lost here (including me), so study the map carefully or be sure to ask for directions while you are out in the park.

Looking for extra distance? Run from central Stockholm, or explore more of the trails in the park, it´s a big one!

5. Lidingö

This is a choose your own adventure sort of place. But it´s easy to get lost out here too. You can run anywhere from 10 - 30 plus kms. The best option is to follow the Lingöloppet trail which is marked with signs. The Lidingöloppet is a famous cross country run in Stockholm which forms part of the Swedish classic (cross country ski, bike, run, swim) and attracts 30,000 runners each year.

Looking for extra distance? Everything you need is out here, there is 30 km of trails.

6. Årstaviken

This is really nice if you are staying in Southern Stockholm, or on Södermalm, and used to be my home track. It´s a great run of around 8 km, and fairly straight forward as long as you cross the right two bridges (Skanstullsbron and Liljeholmsbron)! You will be alongside the water of lake Mälaren almost the entire way. Run With Me Stockholm run here on the Södermalm tour.

Looking for extra distance? Run around Tantolunden for a little extra, or around Södermalm for a lot extra (10 km, see #8).


7. Långholmen

A former prison (now hotel) can be found on this island, which is now a green oasis in the centre of town. As it is a relatively small island (but bigger than it looks on the map), this is a pretty easy place to run to if you are bad with directions and fear getting lost. Plus it has great views back towards the old town and is nice for a swim. In the winter there are reflex markings on the trees to guide the way.

Looking for extra distance? Keep going around Riddarfjärden, see #3!

8. Södermalm

One of the bigger islands in Central Stockholm, it is more famous for its art, bars, cafes and restaurants than it is for running. However you can do a full lap around the island, and it is reasonably straight forward as most of it you run on a path. The tricky part is around the east part where you need to cut up from the water. It´s a 10-11 km track. 

If you want to explore the island in detail, and to be guided to the best viewpoints and sights throughout the island, Run With Me Stockholm offer private guided tours on the Södermalm Hipster Trail.

Looking for extra distance? When you are on the southern side you can cross the bridge and add the Åsterviken loop, see #6!

9. Hellasgården

Lovely forest area a little outside of the centre of the city. There is a sauna there and in the winter you can swim in a hole that is cut out of the (often) frozen lake. In summer it´s also beautiful, and one of my favourite places to be. There are numerous marked trails, so you can choose your distance.


Looking for extra distance? Run there from Slussen.

10. Skogskyrkogården (warning, it´s a cemetery!)

This is a UNESCO World Heritage listed site and a really interesting place to visit, which is why I added it to the list. Be warned it´s a fairly short jog around the whole site though, about 3 km. Although it is a cemetery, there are roads/paths and it is not considered disrespectful to run here, I have done it myself and seen others running here too. 

Looking for extra distance? It is pretty much just suburbs directly around here so you would need to run towards Nacka reserve, otherwise try multiple laps or hill running on site.


There is a quick summary of 10 of the best places to run in Stockholm. There are many, many more beautiful places to run in Stockholm, but this will get you started.

Alternatively, if you want to run with a friendly local and learn some Swedish history at the same time, Run With Me Stockholm offer guided runs around town.

Happy running!